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About the TriCoreTraining club club was founded in 2010 by us (Clemens Prerovsky and Klaus-M. Schremser) who are well-experienced amateur triathlon athletes.

To find new friends who share the same FANatism for Triathlon and endurance sports as we do, we founded the TriCoreTraining club in Vienna.

We want to find you as a new members for our (non-profit) association to improve your endurance sports skills with a professional, interactive online training schedule software. This is

the main advantage of our club versus all others. Beside this awesome service (which we offer internationally) we offer group-training and events in Vienna, Austria.

Management board of club

Chairman, Treasurer – Klaus-M. Schremser

Second Chairman, Secretary – Clemens Prerovsky

Articles of club
We currently have 1.000 members (mid 2014).  BASIC membership are FREE. You get a professional training schedule fitting for working athletes.

Interested in subscribing?

Yours, Clemens and Klaus-M.


3 Responses to “About the TriCoreTraining club”

  1. Sundays Sundayz says:

    Hi guys. I have been using your training schedule for a few weeks now and have seen an awesome improvement. I am a cyclist doing the transition to Triathlons and decided to try this web site out. I am pleased!
    I am getting this season’s race gears arranged and wondered if I can put your logo and web address on gears with my other sponsors. I would like to do this to show my appreciation and try keep this service free as long as possible 😉
    If this is okay could I get your logo as how you would want it printed.
    Race Jersey and Tri-suit sized is 8cm x 10 cm.
    I will send pix and available media when possible.
    Steven Ventura

  2. klaus says:

    Aloha Steven,

    wow, that’s a great feedback. YES, you can use the logo, link and whatever you need and we will appreciate a picture of you with sponsor placement :).

    I’ll have a look in what resolutions we have the logo.

    best regards and a great training.


  3. Johann Schießl says:

    Hallo Trainer
    Ich habe mich für den Ironman 2014 in Kärnten angemeldet. Meinen Traum zu meinen 50er Geburtstag zu erfüllen.

    Was ich gerne von ihnen wissen möchte, wie viele Wochen sollte man sich vorbereiten für den Ironman

    Wie bekomme ich einen Trainingsplan, genügen 6-8 Monate Training.(Derzeit hatte ich eine Schulter OP)

    Würde mich sehr freuen wenn Sie mir Info geben könnten.
    Ich würde gerne einen vollen Trainingsplan haben, aber wie hoch ist der Preis.

    Bitte um Info
    Danke nochmals


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