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About the TriCoreTraining club club was founded in 2010 by us (Clemens Prerovsky and Klaus-M. Schremser) who are well-experienced amateur triathlon athletes.

To find new friends who share the same FANatism for Triathlon and endurance sports as we do, we founded the TriCoreTraining club in Vienna.

We want to find you as a new members for our (non-profit) association to improve your endurance sports skills with a professional, interactive online training schedule software. This is

the main advantage of our club versus all others. Beside this awesome service (which we offer internationally) we offer group-training and events in Vienna, Austria.

Management board of club

Chairman, Treasurer – Klaus-M. Schremser

Second Chairman, Secretary – Clemens Prerovsky

Articles of club
We currently have 1.000 members (mid 2014).  BASIC membership are FREE. You get a professional training schedule fitting for working athletes.

Interested in subscribing?

Yours, Clemens and Klaus-M.