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Articles of TriCoreTraining club

Translated by google translate (please be aware that only the German articles of club are legally valid for you!)

Articles of Club

§ 1 Name and office of the club

The club is named “TriCoreTraining – Club for the aid of endurance sports in Austria” and is located in A-1010 Vienna, Gonzagagasse 11/25.

§ 2 Purpose of the Club

The club’s activity is charitable within the meaning of the federal law (Bundesabgabenordnung) and not-for-profit. The association will meet its purpose free of political and ideological influences. We subscribe to a democratic Austria. The association aims to physical and spiritual exercises of its members, the ideal education in the field of endurance sports (triathlon, running, cycling) and the general promotion of the endurance sport in Austria and the State of Austria as a tourist destination for endurance athletes from other countries.

To achieve the Club’s objectives are the following non-material resources:

a) Information, support and promotion of its members according to the principles of modern physical education and sport, especially in endurance sports (triathlon, running, swimming, cycling and similar).
b) Intellectual and technical education and training in sport, by providing training and competitions for the purposes of amateur sport.
c) events to recruit members and socializing
d) publishing an online sports magazine for the general promotion of endurance sports
e) publishing of print media about endurance sports
f) provision of training on-line services to facilitate the preparations of members to an endurance sport events
g) promoting the endurance sport in common endurance sport events
h) organization of member trips to destinations worldwide competition, in particular, triathlon, running and cycling competitions
i) operating an online store for sales of club paraphernalia (hats, t-shirts, shorts, accessories and similar) for endurance sports
j) operation of a clubhouse for social gatherings of the members
k) Operation of a club sports field for the promotion of endurance sports

§ 3 ways to achieve the Association’s aims

The necessary material resources to be raised by:

a) membership fees and subscriptions
b) donations, grants, advertisements in the media society and other grants (sponsored by revenue)
c) Income from social events (slide shows, sporting events, flea market, …)
d) Income from the sales of print media
e) training company in endurance sports
f) organization of joint endurance sports (triathlon events, running events, racing events in the broadest sense)

§ 4 usage of funds of association

The Association funds may only be used in the statutes for the purposes stated. The members of the association may not receive a share of profits and in their capacity as members of any other benefits from the association. If the member leaves the club and at its dissolution, the members of the association may not receive more than the paid-up share capital and the common value of their contribution in kind. It may be favored by the association or inappropriate administrative costs incurred by disproportionately high remuneration.

§ 5 Creation of association

The association is formed by the acceptance of members and renewed. All persons of both sexes can apply for membership.

§ 6 Types of membership

The association’s members are divided into ordinary, extraordinary and honorary members.

Full members are those who exercise at the club, either sports or holding a function. The active and passive election is available to the ordinary members under 16 years of age, as the honorary members.

Associate members are minors under 16 and children (with reduced fee) and those that promote the association’s activities by paying a higher membership fee.

Honorary members may be appointed persons who have given meritorious service to the club and are appointed on the request of the Board of the Annual General Meeting as Honorary Members (Honorary Chairman / woman in a follow-chairman chairwoman function).

§ 7 Acquisition of membership

On the inclusion of full and associate members is decided by the Board. The recording can be refused without explanation.

§ 8 Rights and Duties of Members

Members are entitled to attend all events of the Association and to claim the bodies of the association. Each member has one vote when voting.

Members are obliged to promote the interests of the club wherever possible and to refrain, which the authority and the purpose of the association could be harmed. The members have to observe the statutes and the decisions of its organs. The ordinary and extraordinary members to pay membership fees and membership contributions.

All members know that the design information, training, events and services of the Association are to the best of my knowledge and belief, however, can be handled only as recommendations. You have an obligation to your health condition independently and regularly to check with a doctor and be on liability of any kind without respect to the association which are incurred following injuries at events in the training by the club or in the application of information / services of the association .

§ 9 Termination of Membership

The membership ends by death, voluntary resignation or by exclusion and Dissolution. The voluntary withdrawal can be made at any time. The cancellation must be received in writing to the Board of Directors. The obligation to pay the membership fee not expire until the effectiveness of the withdrawal. The Board is authorized to members who violate the association’s purpose to harm, the interests of the Association or meet the performance review is not to exclude from the association. This decision is taken by simple majority and is the member in writing.

Resigned or expelled members may apply to the association against any claims of any kind. You lose all rights acquired from the club life, but are obliged to attend to at the time of the escape existing debts in full.

§ 10 bodies of the Association

Bodies of the Association Annual General Meeting (AGM), are the Executive and the Auditor (spot tester).

§ 11 The Annual General Meeting

At least once a year, the Board shall convene an ordinary general meeting. The agenda is to give every member 14 days in advance in writing.

An extraordinary general meeting shall be held by decision of the Board or the Annual General Meeting on reasoned application of one-tenth of the members or at the request of the auditor within four weeks.

Each meeting has a quorum if at least one third of the members are present. If this number does not appear as half an hour later in the same place instead of a general meeting that a quorum regardless of the number of participating members.

The chairman of the General Meeting shall be the chairman / chairwoman of the, in their absence his (e) deputy. All elections and resolutions of the General Meeting carried by a simple majority vote. A nomination is rejected as a case of a tie. When decisions are in a tie, the Chairman shall be decisive. Decisions that changed the statute or the association shall be dissolved, require an absolute majority of votes cast.

§ 12 Tasks of the General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting are specifically reserved:

1. Determination of quorum
2. Approval of minutes of previous meeting
3. Receiving reports of the board members
4. Receipt of the cash report
5. Contrary to the report of the auditors
6. Vote on the reports and grant the relief
7. Election of the Board and the auditors
8. Setting the record and membership fees
9. Order of the estimate and the proposals
10. Honors
11. Law changes, resolution
12. Other matters, possible

§ 13 The Board of Directors

The board consists of:

a) the chairman / chairwoman of
b) the chairman / chairwoman of the Deputy
c) the secretary of the Secretary
d) the treasurer of the Treasurer

The term of the Board is 4 years and in any case it lasts until the election of the new board. Dismiss board members are reelected. The Board has a quorum in the presence of at least half the board members. The Board is convened by the chairman / chairwoman of the. The Board shall decide by absolute majority of votes in a tie, is the voice of the chairman / chairwoman of the crucial. The members of the Board may at any time of her resignation in writing to the Board, or, at the time of withdrawal of the entire Board to the Annual General Meeting.

§ 14 Tasks of the board members

The chairman / chairwoman to represent the club inside and out, people to authorities and third. He / she shall convene the meetings and rallies and leads the in the Presidency. He / she implements the decisions of the meetings and gatherings. The secretary, the secretary takes the minutes at meetings and gatherings. He / she drafts all correspondence and documents and provide the club archive.

The treasurer, the treasurer concerned the collection of contributions and other receipts and payments. He / she shall keep the financial system is a cash book and a membership directory. He / she is responsible for proper financial management. If unable to be taken over the respective roles of each of the other board members.

§ 15 Duties of the Board

The board is responsible for managing the Association. It is responsible for the tasks that are not assigned by statute other organs. Specifically, the task of the Steering Committee the following agenda:

a) management of the association’s assets
b) The decision on inclusion and exclusion of members
c) The submission of reports and proposals to the Annual Meeting
d) The implementation of shareholders’ resolutions
e) The preparation of the budget and the accounts
f) of the meetings of the Board are records (or at least reports of decisions to lead).
g) notices and correspondence from the chairman of the association have about the chairwoman and the secretary of the secretary to be signed. In Checkout Affairs has to be signed instead of the secretary / treasurer of the Secretary / Treasurer of the.

§ 15: Arbitration
To settle all disputes arising from the association, the association is called internal arbitration. It is a “mediation device” according to the Associations Act 2002 and no arbitration in accordance with the Code of Civil Procedure § § 577 et seq.

The arbitral tribunal shall be composed of three ordinary members. It is formed so that a disputing party shall nominate one member as a referee or umpire makes writing of the name. On request by the Board within seven days, the other disputing party within 14 days of his hand, a member of the tribunal designated.

After notification by the Secretary within seven days, the nominated referees and judges within a further 14 days for a third full member / chairperson of the tribunal.

Event of a tie among the proposed lots. The members of the tribunal may or organization – whose activities are the subject of the dispute – with the exception of the General Assembly. The arbitral tribunal shall render its decision after hearing both parties granting the presence of all its members by simple majority vote.

It chooses the best of our knowledge and belief. Its decisions are final.

§ 18 Voluntary Dissolution of the Association

The voluntary dissolution of the association can only be in an extraordinary general meeting convened for that purpose and adopted unanimously.

The existing property at the dissolution of active club is a nonprofit organization or a successor general charitable association to pass. About this transfer, a protocol is to be made.

§ 19 founding members of the association

The founding members of the association also form the first board of the association.These are listed below with their functions:

• Klaus-M. Schremser, chairman, treasurer
• Ing Prerovsky Clemens, Deputy Chairman, Secretary

Vienna, 15.08.2010