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There might be some dishonest subjects and so we avoid one-time-payments and downloads of training plans for a whole year. This project needs to be funded and that’s why you have this limit. We hope you understand that.

I don’t want to buy something, which I haven’t tested. Use our FREE trial period to test TriCoreTraining.

TriCoreTraining stays free if you use it as your training logbook. If you finished the FREE trial period, you have to subscribe to a PREMIUM membership in the TriCoreTraining association.

We are a club for promoting endurance sports and we fund our servers, improvements and events with your membership fees.

Your investment opportunities in your training goals can be found here.

You can pay for your PREMIUM membership monthly, per quarter or yearly. Depending on these periods your fees get cheaper. Your membership prolongs automatically if you don’t cancel it.

Our terms and conditions, as well as our articles of the club can be found here.

How can I cancel the PREMIUM membership?

You can cancel the PREMIUM membership all the time. With your last paid month your PREMIUM membership ends, after you canceled. A pay-back of your fees is not possible.