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Your muscles and your endurance do not grow and develop during hard trainings, but during recovery and regeneration. Many athletes are so ambitious that they forget this important premise.

Recovery can be observed from many views.

Yearly – monthly – weekly!

During a year you should use the time in off-season (transition phase) to recover in unstructured workouts. Don’t be too ambitious!

During a month, if you’re a rookie every 3 weeks you get a recovery week, everybody else every 4 weeks. Use this time to recover, your body will benefit from it.

In a training week organize your workouts in a way that you get a day without workouts or recovery. Two recovery days are not necessary.

Recovery is an important part of your training program. Breaking and Recovering is not the same as missing a workout. Your body recovers, your cells regenerate, your muscles grow and your endurance increases. Only in a recovery phase is this possible!

No, if you have only recovery breaks, then you won’t achieve your training goals :), but much can be too much and ends in over-training.

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