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Marathon is an endurance race by foot over 26 miles and 385 yards / 42.195 kilometers. It’s an Olympic event for men and women, marathons are done all over the world. To perform a marathon an athlete has to do a lot of preparation and training and often goes to her / his physical limitations.

If you want to start your first marathon, use the online training service of TriCoreTraining.

If you’re looking for an online training coach for your (half-) marathon training, then you’re at the right address. I trained for quite some time with a real coach, but soon I had to change this because of the lake of money and time.

After my search for online marathon training services and some try outs, I realized that for an efficient training software for marathons, half marathons and other race distances I have to develop my own training service.

This online marathon training service called takes care about your available time and reacts on your time beside job and family.

Good luck for your next running race (marathon or half-marathon)!

Yours, Klaus-M.

For some time I trained with a real coach, but soon my work and for money reasons I had to stop and find another solution for my triathlon training. Soon I found  triathlon training plans in the internet, unfortunately they we pre-generated and therefore static.

I found out it’s very annoying to create my own triathlon training plans or to use static training plans for my triathlon training because they don’t react on illness, less time in busy times etc.

So, I tried to use online triathlon training plan services in the internet and soon I created TriCoreTraining which is an interactive training plan for triathlon, marathon and bike races.

What are your experiences with triathlon training plans? Feel free to comment here.

Your Klaus-M.

There is no common valid formula, but there are some recommendations from sport coaches how many training hours per year you should invest per sport: (these values are from the brilliant book of Joe Friel).


No panic, even if you haven’t trained for a longer time or just from time to time, you can return to your old form after a few weeks.


Right now the TriCoreTraining system offers no specific order of workouts during a week. This functionality will be implemented in the future.

In general you should order your workouts in decreasing load, i.e. on Friday you start with the workout with the highest load and then you decrease the load per workout. Avoid breaks of two days in a row and a workout with a heavy load can follow a recovery day.

If you miss one or another workout, that’s no problem.

If you miss your workouts for more than two weeks, then your training schedule will be re-calculated and adjusted to your main competitions.

If you think that you have too few or too many workouts, you can change the hours per week and receive a changed training schedule.

In my last sailing trip I stayed on a beautiful sea and all the time I had a bad feeling about not training too much – that shouldn’t be!

In my opinion, in general you should relax on holiday, i.e. holidays should be in your recovery weeks or after a main competition, then you won’t get bad feelings. But in my experience you can’t plan it all the time. If your holidays take more than one week, think about including some workouts in your holiday. Sea with beach is perfect for a workout, but be careful with different temperatures (drink more and wear a cap!). Give your body time to adapt to the new environment, before starting your workouts.

“Relax because you’ll need it at your race!” :-).

No, in the winter you should not hibernate and to get some holiday pounds.

In the winter you are in the transition phase. You don’t stop training, but you have to keep a certain training level and to recover your body & soul. It’s ok to rest at Christmas and to eat some cookies. We have to train for that in sprint.
The more you do in summer, the more important is a structured training phase in the winter. The training is very general, unspecific and reduced. Who trains 3-5 times a week can keep her/his endurance efforts and prevent from injuring at the season’s start.
WARNING: In the winter with ice and snow, but also at rain you can get easily injured. Running is dangerous, but biking should be stopped at snow and ice. Change to indoor training. If you get a cold, drop your workouts!
For a proper winter training you need the proper clothing. In spring don’t forget to maintain your bike!

It’s important in the winter to do your planning for the season – „Gain speed, lose weight“

Recovery is an important part of your training program. Breaking and Recovering is not the same as missing a workout. Your body recovers, your cells regenerate, your muscles grow and your endurance increases. Only in a recovery phase is this possible!

No, if you have only recovery breaks, then you won’t achieve your training goals :), but much can be too much and ends in over-training.

Therefore active recovery is part of a successful training on – the easy and interactive online training plan service for run, bike and triathlete athletes.