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In the next minutes we will update our triathlon and running training plan service. What’s NEW?

  • Added weekday to training plan
  • Made ATL and CTL graphs more even, peaks are removed
  • Added statistic success of last week to traffic light graph
  • We will start to send you daily training plan infos
  • Added the training plan to your weekly mail

Hope this helps you with your training. Tomorrow I head for Budapest for an Ironman 70.3 and will do my first race in Hungary. Yours, Klaus-M.

TriCoreTraining mobileAloha!

We worked hard to re-designed for you to have a better experience when using our training plan service with mobile devices. You can use your daily training plan mobile on the go now.

TriCoreTraining started its service 2011 and could help 1.000 athletes to reach their goals in the last years.

If you want to follow your goals to finish a marathon or a triathlon while having enough time for your family and job, then give TriCoreTraining a FREE try for the next 3 months.

Happy training!

Cheers, Klaus-M.

Dear users,

right now the Garmin import is not working. Garmin removed the webservices for importing without any further comment. We have to investigate what to do next.


Cheers, Klaus-M.

Dear athlete,

we hope you enjoyed our trainingplan services the last months and became stronger and faster. From July onwards you have to invest a little for your trainingplans. Logging your workouts is still free and will stay free (including the Garmin import).

Hope you invest the small amount (not more than 2 cups of coffee per month would cost 🙂 and stay with us.

If you experience any kind of problems, please do not hesitate to contact our support (

Happy training.

best regards, Klaus-M.

Dear athletes,

after providing our 1.5 years for free, you can get your professional, interactive training schedules for 4.90 EUR / month.

Get your PREMIUM membership today and reach your goals!

br, kms

After some time passed we have a new update for Here are some new features:

  • Get TriCoreTraining optimized for your mobile phone
  • Import your logged workouts via into your logbook.
  • Add your workouts from your training schedule to your personal calendar (Outlook, Google Calendar etc) via ics-file
  • The training schedule for your personal calendar is split to each week day.
  • All graphs are migrated to Google charts and work on iPhones too

PREMIUM – for 1,5 years was free for everybody, now your membership is available for 4,90 EUR per month.

Hope you like the new features.

Best regards, Klaus-M.

Hi folks,

sorry for the downtime, but we had to move to another server infrastructure. Hope everything works well for you. Please inform us on any problem you experience.


Thanks. Happy training.

br, Klaus-M.

If you’re looking for an online training coach for your (half-) marathon training, then you’re at the right address. I trained for quite some time with a real coach, but soon I had to change this because of the lake of money and time.

This online marathon training service called takes care about your available time and reacts on your time beside job and family.

Good luck for your next running race (marathon or half-marathon)!

The Ironman in Hawaii is the final goal for all passionate triathlon athletes. This race is special, extreme conditions, extreme environment, extreme everything. But the final goal after 226 km is proud! 3,8 km swim, 180km bike, 42km run.


Next year, TriCoreTraining will start with 5 athletes in the beautiful city of Linz near the blue Danube. Thanks to some great supporters to make that happen.