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My 1st Ironman – pain is temporary, pride is 4ever

Yesterday (August 27, 2011) I finished my first Ironman in Podersdorf, Austria. But first things first …

7 years ago a friend of mine told me about triathlon and he said that he will finish an Ironman before the age of 36. I didn’t dare to bet on this too. But from then on the thought about finishing an Ironman was always on my mind. My poor wife had to bear part of the burden ┬ábecause some holidays must be moved or canceled, a lot of weekends spent and all the time she heard me talking about it.

Then, beginning of this year, I knew that is was the last chance before running over the 36-year-age-line and so I register of an Ironman in Podersdorf, Austria (3.8 km swim, 180 km bike and 42 km run).

My constant companion and triathlon coach TriCoreTraining gave me regular training plans and showed me that I had trained enough (nevertheless I can always be more ;). Thanks to this great triathlon training software.

The night before I must confess that I was really nervous and so I played my favorite online poker game (partypoker) to get rid of the stress. Of course before that I packed my stuff with the legendary triathlon race checklist (I would never start without).

Wake up at 4 a.m., then each spaghetti as breakfast and the go for the race. It was hot the whole day (34┬░ C), the sun burnt like in hell (that’s also the run track’s name ;). Swimming was great, Biking was ok but after running the first lap I thought I had to stop. I felt like I had a sunstroke (dizzy, sick). Suddenly after a prayer to the weather gods, the weather changed from hot to heavy winds. Then, with a slow but constant pace I run the last 30 kilometers.

Finally after 13:18:28 I finished my first Ironman. Thanks to my great support team (without them I can’t call myself an Ironman)!

Here are some statistics from my online triathlon trainingplan software TriCoreTraining.








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