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New update, new features

Today we updated and you get new features.

  1. First of all, you can finally upgrade your membership to PREMIUM via PAYPAL.
  2. All statistics are reworked and improved. Did you train enough? How much have you already trained?
  3. You can now add recommendations 🙂
  4. Excel-exports now work in German Office-packages
  5. You can import workouts now
  6. Adapted notice-mails every Sunday
  7. More explanations ..

Hope you enjoy the new service.

br, kms

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2 Responses to “New update, new features”

  1. Herbert says:

    Is the bug fixed which messes up the statistics when adding new competitions?


  2. klaus says:

    Hi Herbert,

    yes, Clemens fixed the bug and you can now change your competitions without loosing data in statistics.

    br, kms

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