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Dear athlete,

we hope you enjoyed our trainingplan services the last months and became stronger and faster. From July onwards you have to invest a little for your trainingplans. Logging your workouts is still free and will stay free (including the Garmin import).

Hope you invest the small amount (not more than 2 cups of coffee per month would cost 🙂 and stay with us.

If you experience any kind of problems, please do not hesitate to contact our support (

Happy training.

best regards, Klaus-M.

There might be some dishonest subjects and so we avoid one-time-payments and downloads of training plans for a whole year. This project needs to be funded and that’s why you have this limit. We hope you understand that.

The personal profile is a very important basis for perfect training schedules. Update your profile as soon as possible and keep it up-to-date. Keep these information up-to-date:

Edit profile

Here you define your personal information. Some calculations are based on a correct birthday. Your address is necessary for your PREMIUM membership at TriCoreTraining.

Edit traininginfo

This information is important for your training schedule. You choose your general training direction here by selecting your sport.

It’s important to tell us whether you’re a beginner or not, because this changes your training schedule. If you suffer from health problems, please talk to your doctor before starting your workouts! You are not allowed to do any workouts with health problems!

Athletes who are employed often don’t have a lot of time, that’s why TriCoreTraining offers you the possibility to enter your free weekly hours for training.

Don’t forget to define your lactate threshold for biking and running, which leads in your heart rate zones (for your training intensity) – which you have to set in your heart rate monitor.

Edit weight goals

If you want to lose weight, define your current weight and your target weight. As long as you don’t get too thin, less weight makes you faster and preserves your joints in your body.

Edit Metric

You can set units for distance, height, weight etc. for your country.

Edit Password

Password changes on a regular base increase your security. But you also forget your passwords more often ;-).