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For some time I trained with a real coach, but soon my work and for money reasons I had to stop and find another solution for my triathlon training. Soon I found  triathlon training plans in the internet, unfortunately they we pre-generated and therefore static.

I found out it’s very annoying to create my own triathlon training plans or to use static training plans for my triathlon training because they don’t react on illness, less time in busy times etc.

So, I tried to use online triathlon training plan services in the internet and soon I created TriCoreTraining which is an interactive training plan for triathlon, marathon and bike races.

What are your experiences with triathlon training plans? Feel free to comment here.

Your Klaus-M.

(c) 5150.com5150 is the sum of 1,5 km swimming, 40 km biking and 10 km running. Started in the end of 2010 the 5150 Series announces to become the largest international distance triathlon series in the world.