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Hi guys,

I currently stay in China (Shenzhen) and try to find out how far triathlon is spread in this country beside some private stuff ;). We’re also trying to find a Chinese translator for our service.

Today I updated again with the following features:

  • Facebook Login – change your email of your TriCoreTraining account to the same as your Facebook account and login with one click
  • Recommendations – in case you’re satisfied with TriCoreTraining, you can tell it anybody
  • Get FREE month for inviting your friends, send the invitation link to all of your athlete friends
  • Some improvements and fixes

Greetz from Asia, kms

Today we updated and you get new features.

  1. First of all, you can finally upgrade your membership to PREMIUM via PAYPAL.
  2. All statistics are reworked and improved. Did you train enough? How much have you already trained?
  3. You can now add recommendations 🙂
  4. Excel-exports now work in German Office-packages
  5. You can import workouts now
  6. Adapted notice-mails every Sunday
  7. More explanations ..

Hope you enjoy the new service.

br, kms