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After some time passed we have a new update for Here are some new features:

  • Get TriCoreTraining optimized for your mobile phone
  • Import your logged workouts via into your logbook.
  • Add your workouts from your training schedule to your personal calendar (Outlook, Google Calendar etc) via ics-file
  • The training schedule for your personal calendar is split to each week day.
  • All graphs are migrated to Google charts and work on iPhones too

PREMIUM – for 1,5 years was free for everybody, now your membership is available for 4,90 EUR per month.

Hope you like the new features.

Best regards, Klaus-M.

For the joy of everybody who don’t like to write down: NO – you’re not obliged to track your trainings. But to get a better review and an analysis of your efforts it’s necessary.

That’s why we recommend for a sustainable and constructive training, that you track your workouts in your logbook. Because the TriCoreTraining system can only react and optimize your training plans based on your efforts, strengths and weaknesses.

Find your logbook on